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Follow your Dream 100 and use your insight to build your audience

The Dream 100 are crucial players in the market you want to address. They hold the key to your target group, so you got to learn a lot about them, engage with them and find a way to get on their radar. To do so, you have to follow them first. Here's how.

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If they eat the same cake, you better watch them

You're not alone in your market. Others are trying to get your share of the cake. So, you'd better watch out for what they do.

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Being up-to-date about the market will help you close a deal

Have you ever experienced a poorly prepared salesperson? It's cringeworthy. - By showing interest in your contacts, you prove your appreciation.

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Be a cherry-picker when watching your market

There are so many market players in most markets. But: They are not equally important to you. Identify the ones who will influence you the most.

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Climb a rooftop to overview your market

The view from a rooftop helps you understand how everything relates. - It's equally essential to understand a market's big picture with its relationships and connections.

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Picasi - One inbox. All updates. Pure insight.

At Picasi, we understand that being up-to-date is crucial for knowledge workers like you - and us.

That’s why we gather relevant insight from your most relevant sources for your and provide it in our unified inbox to save you time, nerves, and energy. No more switching. Pure insight.

You can leverage that information to improve your sales conversations, learn about your competitors, create more compelling content, or improve your expertise. 

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