The leaders are the water; the others add the flavor

You can’t understand a market by only analyzing its market leaders. They are the tasteless water that makes up most of the soup. For a delicious dish, you need more ingredients. They add contrast and inspiration to the soup.

In a market, it’s the innovators and challengers who are like additional ingredients. They offer alternatives to the mass. Diversity. And depth. They turn a dull experience into an exciting one. And by challenging the status quo, they force the market leaders to innovate too.

That’s why your Market Map should contain market leaders and those market players that represent the market’s diversity.

Only then can you taste the market’s full flavor.

You should offer a great “meal” to position yourself as a thought leader. So make sure you understand the whole variety of your market’s tastes.

Your personal branding soup will leave a bad taste on your audience’s tongue if you’re cooking with water only.

What ingredients do you suggest for cooking a “soup” with market insight?

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Written by Karsten Richter

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