Features for your insight

Still wondering if you should give it a try. Here's what's waiting for you inside ...

All updates in one list
No matter the type, find all updates in one list.
Filter your inbox
Filter by update type and source to find what you're looking for.
Select and engage
Delete or save updates for later use. Engage across platforms - directly or with your established tools.
View the update
Check the updates right inside the inbox. A click leads you to the original location.

How our unified inbox serves you

Inbox filter

Inbox filters help you select the updates your're looking for. 

Only tweets or YouTube videos? Only posts by a specific soure?

We've got you covered to get you straight to the insight you need.

The list of updates

Get a quick overview like in your email inbox. See who posted when on which channel.

The additional title or an excerpt let's you instantly know what it's about.

The update view

Email newsletters, LinkedIn posts, website updates? Whatever your sources post, you can see it here.

To see an update with the full context, jump right to its origin and check it out.

What do you want to do next?

Not interesting? Delete it. Great stuff? Save it for later.

Really hot stuff? Engage right away. Share an update with your followers. Either directly on any major platform or via the engagement tools you already use. 

Choose who you want to follow

Save your relevant organizations
Identify the organizations relevant to you and add them to the list. We'll do the heavy lifting and gather their updates. 
Select the channels to follow
Identify the channels that offer the best value. By eliminating channels with overlapping content you can keep incoming updates low.

How you can tailor your information inflow

List of organizations

Gather a list of all organizations you want to follow. This can be prospects and customers, competitors, investors, or any other market players.

This is the basis for gathering their updates.

Channels to follow

Identify their relevant channels. We will follow them for you and show you all updates in the inbox.

Over time, you can identify the channels that bring the most value to focus your effort and increase efficiency.

You can follow these channel types

LinkedIn business posts

LinkedIn posts from business pages will be gathered and shown in the inbox.

Posts on personal profiles are currently not available but will be added in the future.


Tweets from Twitter will appear right in your inbox.

We prefer original content and therefor don't add retweets and comments.

YouTube videos

Video content is gaining popularity and should not be missing from your inbox. We got you covered and serve the latest videos so you won't miss them.

Website updates

Many websites allow to follow their updates via RSS feeds. Plug them to your inbox and you won't miss any updates from the sources you follow.

Email newsletters

Are you tired of email newsletters in your regular inbox? Receive them in Picasi's unified inbox to separate them from your transactional mails.

More to come ...

We're not there yet. We will add more channel types to help you become even more effective in gathering insight.

Let us know what other channels we should integrate.

Up-to-date insight is the basis of your expertise

Karsten from Picasi

What you can do with updates

Gathering new insight in your inbox is only the first step. After that, you can engage in various ways depending on your needs.

Keep or drop them

Organize the updates you receive inside the inbox:

You have 28 day to review any new updates. After that period they will be dropped.
Save updates to keep them forever.
You can delete irrelevant updates right away to keep your inbox clean.

Share directly

You can share updates you receive directly to your existing communication channels:

Post on LinkedIn
Share with a tweet on Twitter
Post on Facebook

Share using tools

Share insight using your established engagement tools.

Share across platforms with Buffer
Share across platforms with Hypefury
Share on Twitter with Tweet Hunter
Share on LinkedIn with Taplio
Picasi - One inbox. All updates. Pure insight.

At Picasi, we understand that being up-to-date is crucial for knowledge workers like you - and us.

That’s why we gather relevant insight from your most relevant sources for your and provide it in our unified inbox to save you time, nerves, and energy. No more switching. Pure insight.

You can leverage that information to improve your sales conversations, learn about your competitors, create more compelling content, or improve your expertise. 

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