Receive email newsletters or not? - A SWOT analysis

If you want to gather information about markets or topics, email newsletters are a channel you can use. Let's take a look with a SWOT analysis.

Email newsletters are established channels to share communication because they have huge advantages for the communicator:

They have relatively high open and conversion rates.
They get sent directly to an established audience.
And they are easy to track.

But what happens when we change our perspective, searching for information rather than being the communicator?

Let’s do a SWOT analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threads; see Wikipedia for more information) to understand how email newsletters can help us in retrieving information.

This is our analysis


Receive consistent updates on topics and industries.
Access up-to-date information without seeking.
And they are easy to track.
You can read email newsletters at any time and place.
They are more detailed and less frequent than social media updates.


Email newsletters can be easily overlooked in your crowded inbox.
They may lack information and not be as detailed as other forms of information, such as books or articles.
You have to be aware that they only contain polished communication without feedback or critical discussions.


Newsletters can keep you informed about offers, events, trends, and news.
They can teach you new skills.
You can strengthen relationships with people, businesses, organizations, and publications by staying up-to-date.


The low frequency of most email newsletters can lead to delayed insight.
Their focus on a few topics can filter minor topics that would have been relevant to you.
Spam blockers can catch updates and leave you blindfolded without even noticing it.

Our recommendation

Newsletters offering in-depth content are usually an excellent choice to follow. You can always try them out and cancel the subscription if they either don’t deliver enough value or hit your inbox too frequently.

Pro tip

To keep your inbox clean for your daily dose of transactional emails, you can:

Set up a different email address for newsletters.
Automatically put them in a different folder.
Use a dedicated tool to handle updates you receive.

Act now

Receiving and reading newsletters is easy. No need to search for them; they come to you. That makes it easy to get started.

If you want to connect to external sources, email newsletters are an excellent channel to start.

Using a tool like Picasi makes it even easier. Start your free trial today:
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Written by Karsten Richter

Obsessed about finding mission-critical information nuggets that can change your business. To make it easier, he's building Picasi together with Helge. Experienced practitioner holding a Ph. D. in communication science.

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