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It’s our pleasure to help you gain insight without going crazy.

It's all about being up-to-date

At Picasi, we understand that market insight is crucial for knowledge workers like you - and us.

That’s why we provide tools and know-how to support pragmatic processes to gather and use relevant information in your business.

You can leverage that information to actively position yourself as a thought leader and make more profound decisions.

You don't understand your business unless you listen to your market.

Karsten from Picasi

This is us

This is Karsten who started Picasi together with Helge.


Over and over again, I had to collect information about the market: To create compelling content, talk to customers, shape our products, or prepare strategic decisions.

But I couldn’t find a tool that met my needs.

That’s why I like the idea of Picasi.
This is Helge who started Picasi together with Karsten.


I have developed scalable solutions on Amazon's AWS tech stack for all niches and sizes of companies. Technology is changing, and so are customer requirements.

So, staying up-to-date was a pain.

That’s why I like the idea of Picasi.
We are practitioners and always strive for solutions to make your daily life easier.
Easy to use
We hate overcomplicated solutions. Our tools should be as easy as possible to use.
We love working in teams and develop tools for teams to thrive. Life is more fun together.
We connect to your existing applications to multiply the value of your tools through integration.

This is what we aim for to help you

We strive to deliver great solutions.

If we're missing the mark, please let us know.

If you like what we're doing, please let us know, too.

Let's get in contact

Do you have questions or ideas to discuss?

We're happy to get in contact with you.

To make reaching out easy, you can choose among different channels to contact us.

Via email at: [email protected]

Or on social media:

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Picasi - One inbox. All updates. Pure insight.

At Picasi, we understand that being up-to-date is crucial for knowledge workers like you - and us.

That’s why we gather relevant insight from your most relevant sources for your and provide it in our unified inbox to save you time, nerves, and energy. No more switching. Pure insight.

You can leverage that information to improve your sales conversations, learn about your competitors, create more compelling content, or improve your expertise. 

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